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The "MINI SERIES" models are small-sized, light-weight and highly versatile conveyors being 30mm min. to 1,400mm max. in belt width and 0.5m min. to 30m max. in body length, both selectable to the size of materials to be conveyed. Since high accuracy extruded aluminum materials are used in these models, beautiful line layout can be made. Moreover, since a variety of options are available, these models are now in popular use as a partner for labor-saving of material flow systems and production systems in every field of industry.

Principal Products

MINI-MINI X Model 2 (MMX2)
This is the most popular model in the MINI Series. Since this model is as light as 8kg in dead weight (75mm in belt width and 1m in body length), it can be handled easily even by female operators. and any change in layout can also be made easily.
MINI-MINI X Model 224 (MMX224)
This is the high quality conveyor attaching importance to the high speed (90.7m max./min.), durability (continuous operation on the 24-hour system) and noise control measures (mounted with low noise type belts) in order to meet the needs of plants being operated on the 24-hour system and in progress of automation and labor-saving.
This is the conveyor being 1,400mm max. in belt width and 12m max. in body length in order to meet the needs for conveyance of large objects. It is also capable of conveying the allowable load of up to 100kg/full body length.
This model is best suited for conveyance of small-sized materials because it is 300 to 100mm in belt width. Since it is easy to change a motor mounting position both in vertical and horizontal directions, this model is easy to meet any layout change.
MINI-MINI X With Cleats (SMMX2-S)
This is the belt conveyor with small cleats suited for taking out of small-sized and lightweight products from packaging machines, molding machines, and various types of food processing machines, as well as for conveyance of granular and powdered products.
MINI-MINI X Model 200 (MMX200)
This is the high performance conveyor being easy to use with no projections protruding from the frame.
MINI-MINI X Model 300 (MMX300)
This is the heavy-duty type conveyor for medium load (load 30kg/speed 10m). This model is 1,000mm max. in belt width and 10m max. in body length and is capable of conveying large objects.
MINI-MINI PULLEY Model 2/Model 3 (MMP2/MMP3)
Each of these models is the conveyor of compact shape because it is driven by a motor pulley. It is best suitable for conveyance of bulk materials such as food because it has no snap roller.
MINI X Model 1/Model 2 (MX1/MX2)
Each of these models is the small-sized and lightweight conveyor of telescopic type. Since its telescopic motion can be set up only by drawing out or pushing in with hands, it can be set at the body length suited for the application. MX1 has a frame made of aluminum, and MX2 does a frame made of steel.
MINI-ROLLER Accumu Model 1/Model 2 (MRA1/MRA2)
Resin rollers of 18mm in diameter are used in these models, thus making it possible to convey very small materials. It is possible to give these models a buffer function in the system line without any line pressure. MRA1 is of the flat belt driven type, and MRA2 of the round belt driven type.
With two pieces of belts put between, vertical conveyance can be performed irrespective of shape. Because of its simple configuration, a low-cost vertical line can be made up.

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